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The main developer is available again and will continue the TNRK project where it was left. He has installed the developement station and is redesigning and checking the code, will picturing the new website.

IMPORTANT: Although tnrk is not fully operational, the editor is not developed, and there are a lot of things to work on, I'm thinking about releasing a working (but reduced to tested funcionality) version. Just to see if someone find any problem installing the package. In order to do it, I just need some "installation testers". Instalation should be easy, so it won't take much time, just the time of downloading the package. So, if you want to collaborate, please join the testers mailing list on your left and gain your wings. And thanks to anyone interested in this neverending (due to time) project.


Please, always check the news section, as more info will be provided there.
And, yes, I know this web deserves a change, but I'm too busy just right now.

tnrk is an ongoing project, and there are no released files yet.

The CVS is up and running but commits will vary in frecuency, as this is an individual effort.

tnrk will have three different modules:

1- the game engine itself, developed for the PalmOS 4.1 platform

2- the edition tools, required for the edition of diferent stories, maps, etc...

3- the desktop application, targeted to the configuration of the game, the downloading of new stories (some connected, building a campaign, some not), the browsing of previous stories, etc...


In addition to those game modules, some others are expected as soon as the previous are completed:

1- a tnrk server implementation, enabling the downloading, uploading, management of several types of information, such as campaigns, stories, character status,...

2- game engines for other platforms

3- new game engines (or a more versatile game engine), whose purpose will be managing a different kind of worlds

4- the release of a straightforward documentation, with the purpose of enabling everyone build their own implementations of the tnrk.




last updated: 10 -April - 2003 e-mail tnarik (main developer)