The mail developer of the TNRK project is now working and translating a book, so no big changes will be made during a month. He'll work on the design portion of the development..



The TNRK project will be relaunched as soon as the developer buids his development station again, surely before the end of April 2003.



Despite of the need of a better structure (some structure), now the short term target is to achieve more interaction, so he now have creatures, but they just move without any restrictions and you cannot interact with them. Also, a new bitmap has been added, for walls. Have a nice weekend.



I have been implementing the scenario feature this days. It seems to work. I wanted to add a graphical scenario too, but that is scheduled job, as it means using structures different from the ones I'm used to. I've been also working in a messages DB for the maps, where messages are located by type and order, so certain messages can be presentes at certain times. What should happen now is that map layers, messages, and a future rules structure should interact to build the game. Right now, you can move, open doors, take things, get to an out point. That should be improved, but it's to much work just for one translator working for hours (I'm traslating books as work). So I'll keep implementing the main infrastructures while not going to deep, so in the end we will only need to expand these infrastructures, one on top of the other.
And now, the book.



Some map layers have been added and the game is going slowly to the puzzle level. Some different characters should be added, even if they do nothing, and items should be collected even if they are nothing. The main goal now is to achieve a simple environment which can be properly left (as ending a game). Next will come the scenario's time (we are trying to implement a feature such as skins or themes to modify the context of the game, while keeping the engine). That will come, but not tonight. Tonight, I'm going to sleep.



The CVS is up and running.

It's been a while since the last web update, mainly because of the summer time, the travels and the developing process.

By now the synchronization schema is supossed stable as it is (you can get information about it from the sources themselves of future technical documentation. Now, the development target will be the game engine itself, beginning by the logical design of map layers.

The only game mode actually available is the map mode (and it's not very functional yet), but some lacks have been identified in the original structure of the design language (the txml language) and the associated databases. Fixing this structure will take some time, but the main goal now is a more interactive game (even if it's more arcade than any other thing), so you'll have to wait for the interaction with characters, descriptions and so.

Even the appropiate design of the main character (the one you play with) will have to wait, as there is no agreement yet between all the parts of my brain. You can make the most of this and send me your suggestions via e-mail.

Don't forget to check the technical documentation in order to judge it. Now it's the time to propose.

Anyway, enjoy the summer (here in the northern hemisphere) or the winter (in the southern hemisphere), and return here for more news from the tnrk project team.



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