Through this pages technical information will be given about the structures used in the tnrk project.

As this is an ongoing project, no assumption on the stability of this information should be made, unless specified.

You should make the most of this documentation by sending your comments and suggestions to the project manager.


tnarik (project manager)

As main introduction (quick and dirty), tnrk has three main databases (althought 1 more is scheduled):

  • map database (contains maps, modules and campaigns). Modules and campaings are just maps interconnected in special ways.
  • messages database (contains messages for the maps of the previous database)
  • scenario databse (contains item names and values as skin or theme for the main engine)

Some other databases are scheduled, but I'm to busy rigth now, and cannot even think properly on them. They are:

  • rule datase (contains rules for the maps)
  • graphical database (contains images for the graphical mode). This should work too as skins or themes.